Services Provided
  • Pet Visits: Pet caretaker will visit twice a day to feed, walk, play and love. $60 per day
  • Pet Sitting: Pet caretaker will stay at the pet's house while the family is away $75 per overnight. Pet will be fed, walked, played with, and loved. $35 half day if Caretaker will also collect the mail, put out trash if needed. one feeding + walk last day
  • Dog Walking: If you simply want your pup to have regular exercise we can help!
    We walk your dog on-leash only and not in groups.
    » 15-minute potty break $15 per walk » 30-minute exercise walk $30 per walk » 45-minute walk and play* $40 per walk  
    * play done in your enclosed property with pet's toys
  • Cat Visit: Pet caretaker will visit, feed, scoop litter box , and play with your cat $25 per visit feline friend(s)
  • Cat Sitting: Pet caretaker stays at kitty's house as well as feeding, scooping, $45 per and playing overnight
Medication fee for dogs or cats: $10 per day per pet.
Pet Taxi
» Let us take your pet to the groomer or vet. $25 per hour
Ask about our Multiple Pet Discount!!!!If you have other pets, not canine or feline, let's discuss your needs. Holiday Rates apply for Thanksgiving Week (Nov. 24-30), Christmas Week (Dec. 22-30), and New Years(Dec.31-Jan.2) An additional $5 a day will apply to all rates for these dates.